Volunteer – Make a difference in someone’s life!

Volunteering for Reliable Hospice is a great way to make a Difference in the lives of patients and their families while contributing to your community. Volunteering your time even a couple times a month can bring a smile to a lonely patient, or give a well-needed break for their caregiver.

We have so many different ways you can use your talents and skills! Our volunteers meet new people and can feel good knowing what they do matters.


The answer is our Volunteers can do Anything.  Reliable Hospice has several programs in place that benefit our patients and their families.  To learn more about our programs, click here.  Here are just a few ideas of what our volunteers do:

  • Visit with patients– Lonely patients LOVE to have visitors brighten their day!
  • Support a Veteran– Can you spare an hour once a week to visit with a Veteran and listen to their stories of their time serving in the military?
  • Do you Love to read?– Many patients just can’t read anymore but miss a good mystery or hearing stories from the Bible.
  • Do you Love to shop? We need volunteers to run little errands, pick up groceries or sometimes buy small gifts at the request of patients for birthdays/graduations/family events.
  • Can you help with light housekeeping?– Families who care for a hospice patient could use help with catching up on light housekeeping. Even one hour of your time would really make a difference!
  • Do you have green thumb and love to garden? – Many of the caregivers taking care of their loved ones don’t have the time to take care of their gardens and outdoor spaces.  Any time you can give to make their home nicer makes a huge impact.
  • E-mail helperOur elderly patients and their caregivers may not be tech savvy but would Love to contact friends and family. Can you spare some time to help them reach out so they can communicate with their grandkids and families?
  • Office assistance– We can always use help in the office keeping our hospice running smoothly. Our office helpers assemble family information packets, help

Interested in volunteering for hospice but don’t know where to start? Please contact Laurie Nalezny, Volunteer Coordinator at 844-395-4694 with any questions. We would love for you to join our Reliable team!