“I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and the staff of Reliable Hospice, in your care of my mother.  I am unable to do justice to your survey due to the unique condition of her experience. My main regret is that I did not push to authorize you to care for mom earlier. I could not have asked for more professional, loving and compassionate care from your team.  You exemplify the very best of hospice and of humanity.”

– Brad and Bill, Sons

“I know my sweet mother had special people caring for her.  It truly helps my family cope.  Thanks again to each and every one of you.”

– Jean, Krisley, Jon and Michelle, Family members

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for both my uncle and aunt, but most of all for being there for my family. I love you all so much!”

– Edith

“Thank you so much everyone at Reliable for your thoughts and prayers to me and my family on the loss of our beloved.  You were all wonderful. I can never thank you enough. I have never used hospice before but hear good things and they are all true. You are all such a blessing. God bless you all.”

– LaVonne, Daughter-in-law

“You are all excellent, caring people.  We were blessed to have Reliable Hospice.”

– Mike

“Thank you for your special efforts in our time of need.”

– Anna and Mary, Daughters

“I will always hold a place of honor, love and respect for the Reliable team because you expressed love and respect for my wonderful and most loved one.”

– Ramona

“The booklet you gave me was amazing and it explained everything in detail.  Your people were so helpful in my scared state of mind. Thank you for everything.”

– Debra, Daughter

“All of Reliable’s staff were very professional yet personable. I am very grateful for the compassionate care given to my mother in her time of vulnerability and need.”

– Chris, Daughter

“Please note that your LVN was amazing!  I’m thankful that she was by my mom’s side everyday. She cared for my mom like she was her mother.  She was the best!”

– Emily, Daughter

“Thank you all for everything you did for my mom.  We miss her terribly but are comforted in knowing that she suffered so little under your loving care.”

– Ray, Caryl and Marissa , Family members