April 15-21 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week! We at Reliable Hospice are so appreciative of all the volunteers who help us week after week.

In continuation of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, watch this video to hear some of the reasons high school student and valued volunteer William O’Grady came to be a hospice volunteer, and what has made his experience memorable.


Diya Doshi is one of our youngest volunteers! At age 15, she’s already proven that volunteering and helping others are not activities limited to adults. If she can find the time in her busy life to volunteer, so can you! 🙂 Read about some of Diya’s volunteer highlights here in her interview:

How did you become involved with Reliable Hospice?

I heard that I was able to help here from a family friend, so I came. The moment I was here, I learned about what I was going to get to do, and I became interested instantly.

What types of activities do you do when you volunteer?

When I volunteer, I help make videos honoring patients in hospice, and I help in designing and looking for items for the videos. I really enjoy making videos, because I think it’s cool to look at Veterans and their accomplishments.

What is a fond memory of your experiences with Reliable Hospice patients and staff?

The first time I came in was an unforgettable day. Everyone was extremely friendly, and I felt very comfortable in the setting of the Reliable Hospice office.

Thank you, Diya, for your commitment to making Reliable Hospice patients feel special!

Emilee Carr is a 17-year-old volunteer who has been helping Reliable Hospice since June 2017. Read her interview about her experience below!

1. How did you learn about Reliable Hospice, and what prompted you to become a volunteer?
I first heard about Reliable Hospice through Laurie Nalezny coming and speaking to my Medical Sciences Academy at Esperanza High School. I was drawn to Laurie’s caring nature and the opportunity to serve my community.

2. What is your favorite volunteer activity so far?
Planning the Celebration of Life was my favorite activity because I was able to meet family members of patients who had passed on. I loved hearing the stories and providing the family closure.

3. What favorite memory comes to mind from your time with patients and Reliable Hospice staff?
We visited a man who was amazingly spunky and adventurous. He told us about running from the police in his youth and sneaking out of windows. All of the female volunteers and I swooned when he talked about his wife because she was the love of his life and he missed her so much.

4. Would you recommend volunteering in the hospice field to others? Why?
I would recommend everyone to try it. It connects you with your empathetic side that a lot of people seem to be disconnected from these days. The trope of the lonely elderly person doesn’t have to be a reality- all they need is someone to talk to and laugh with and it really is self fulfilling as well.