In most cases, services include:

Hospice Interdisciplinary Team

Your plan of care will include visits and support from a team of professions that include: an attending Physician, Medical Director, Registered Nurse, certified home health aid (CHHAs), Social Worker, Chaplain and various Volunteers.

24 Hour Continuous Care

When medically necessary, Reliable Hospice provides a higher level (24 hour) of continuous care by hospice staff for acute symptom management in the patient’s residence so hospitalization can be avoided.

Routine Care

Reliable Hospice creates every Plan of Care (POC) to meet the unique needs of each hospice patient.  Daily, weekly or monthly visits by interdisciplinary team members are scheduled depending on the need to provide comfort, control pain and manage other symptoms.

Home Medical Equipment & Supplies

Hospice covers 100% for supplies and equipment that are deemed necessary by the physician for the treatment of the hospice condition.


Medicare covers 100% of the cost for prescribed medications directly related to the hospice diagnosis.

General Inpatient Care (GIP)

This higher level of care focuses on patient’s symptoms, extreme discomfort and acute symptom management in a skilled nursing home setting.  Our hospice team works in conjunction with the facility’s staff to provide this

Respite Care

Taking care of a hospice patient can be overwhelming for a primary caregiver. Reliable Hospice can provide a one-time brief “respite” (limited to five consecutive days) for the primary caregiver by arranging for the patient’s care in an institutional setting without having to meet “GIP” pain and symptom management criteria.