How Does Hospice Work

Delivering Medical, Emotional and Spiritual care when you need it the most

Once you’ve made the choice to shift away from a “cure” to “comfort,” hospice is there to embrace you or your loved one with compassionate care.  While the majority of hospice patients receive care in their homes, we also take care of our patients in a variety of locations including senior living communities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities as well as residential board and care housing.

Once a referral is made on behalf of the patient, Reliable Hospice will be in contact with the patient’s doctor to obtain an order for hospice.  Receiving this Dr.’s order on record enables the patient to utilize the hospice benefit from Medicare, Medi-cal or their own private insurance.

In most cases, a family member or close friend serves as the primary caregiver and can assist the patient make important decisions regarding their care and end-of-life wishes.  Once admitted into Reliable Hospice’s services, members of our interdisciplinary team develop a customized plan of care (POC) to address specific needs for pain management and symptom control.  The POC also specifically outlines the extent of our care, including medications, medical visits, psychosocial support, spiritual support and volunteer services.

Members of the hospice team make regular visits and continually assess our patient’s health, pain level and symptoms to adjust the plan and ensure their comfort.  Our hospice staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed.


Reliable Hospice Interdisciplinary team work together with the patient and family.