There are so many ways to show hospice patients and families you care, and the Fullerton Emblem Club has developed a fantastic one! Monthly, this group meets to sew handmade quilts for a variety of charities, including Reliable Hospice patients and families. The quilts take between 4-7 hours to sew, with an additional 5-10 hours to cut, clean and prep. Clearly, each and every quilt is made with love!  

We are so fortunate that the Emblem Quilt Club will be donating some beautiful quilts for our patients. Not only do they provide our patients and families with physical warmth, but also the heart-warming knowledge that someone cares enough to make something by hand out of a gesture of kindness. May we all endeavor to be like the wonderful women of the Fullerton Emblem Club, and give of our talents to those whose hearts may need a boost!